Many times clients compare my photography to the studios found in local malls.  The truth is that we create a very different experience and product.  


Often time the generic photo studio has a limited number of looks that are recycled. The photos that are produced are not personalized, and have the same look as every other generic photo studio produces.  My photos are shot in a location that is unique and special to the client.  Location and lighting are important for every family and situation, and are not recreated.  I encourage my clients to collaborate with me in choosing a meaningful, beautiful location.  The result is stunning unique personalized images that become heirlooms preserving a moment in time.  


In addition the the time spent during your photo session as well as travel time, editing takes a significant portion of time.  I spend 2-4 hours per hour of shooting time sorting, editing, color correcting, and retouching the images and creating a gallery.  When you take into consideration the time that it takes me to complete your session, I am sure that you will realize this is something I do because I love photography, and not because it is profitable.  


I realize that purchasing prints from the galleries is significantly more expensive than getting prints at a local drug store.  I have been disappointed in the past with the color and quality of drug store photos.  Recently my husband ran out of headshots, but needed his photos the next day.  He had his photos printed at a reputable local drug store.  Here were the results: 


The photo on the left was printed by a professional photo printer.  The photo on the right was printed at a drugstore.  

After seeing this I realized how important it is for my clients to spend a little extra for quality photo prints. The professional printer I use uses the highest quality supplies, which assure that the colors match the editing on my computer.  The colors in your photos will be true to life and will be identical to the gallery images.  For this reason I have very reasonable print prices for my clients.  


When considering your photographer consider not only the price but also the value. Time, customization, and print quality are all factors in choosing a photographer. Many of my packages also include digital images adding significant value to the session.  Digital images allow the customer the option to reprint photos years later. If you are considering booking me for a custom photography session, take a look at my galleries and decided if my style matches what you are looking for. I'd love to talk with you and book your next session!